From Valli of Trentino

Masè was born in 1870 from the passion of the spouses Miradio and Diomira, who, starting from Strembo, moved to Trieste and started the production of the first artisan salami. One of the most widespread traditions tells that service women from Bohemia brought dishes such as sausages, sausages, roasted and smoked sausages (then preservation techniques) to Trieste tables, then reinterpreted in an original way by the skilled artisans of Trieste.

Reaching Trieste

Once in Trieste, the Miradio Masè buffet soon became one of the most popular places in the city. A true point of reference in which to be able to find the products that, a little later, would have become pieces of Trieste history. In fact, in the back room of Via Carlo Ghega 9, the first Masè store, which the spouses make their first typical hams

First Cotto Praga and CottoTrieste®

The Masé family, specialized in cooked meat of Central European taste, thus produces the first Prague Cooked Ham, CottoTrieste®, the original cooked ham in the bread crust and the Speck Cotto. The three key products of the Trieste tradition that are reflected in the quality and tradition of Masè

Product expansion

Over time the Masé family specializes in cooked meats of Central European taste: it is the Masè family, who moved to Trieste from Trentino, to have developed the tastes of the Mitteleuropean tradition and to have produced the first Prague Cooked Ham and CottoTrieste® , the original ham cooked in the bread crust.

Innovative recipes and packaging

The evolution and the constant search for cutting-edge products that are able to mix tradition and continuous innovation are today one of Masè's strong points. One of the latest successes signed by Masè is the exclusive packaging of the single portions: the 100 gr Pulled Pork was also awarded at the World Food in Warsaw after being evaluated for the innovativeness of the product, the revolutionary packaging, marketing and quality of the raw materials used.

The Masè World

Food, territory, manufacturing, craftsmanship come together in the "Mondo Masè". In addition to working with pork, beef, turkey and veal products, it also offers a range of products such as pickles, sauces, cheeses, coffee, oil, tuna and many others that still today respect the culture of craftsmanship. Not forgetting the line of kitchen accessories and merchandising accessories.

Our World

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